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The Daily Life of an Ellen's Stardust Singing Waitress
María Reneé Urquiola

For my Documentary Photography class led by Lori Grinker, I was tasked with a 'Daily Life' project. As if by fate just before the assignment, I had reconnected with my friend, Reneé. We met during our first semester at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, drifted naturally by life happenings, and found each other again as classmates at The New School. Reneé and I had worked together on photo projects before and I always found her so interesting. She is essentially a celebrity in her home country of Bolivia, her voice is out of this world, and, most importantly, she is so kind. Thank you Reneé for letting me follow you around with a ridiculous-looking camera setup.

If you didn't already know, Ellen's Stardust Diner is one of the many tourist attractions in NYC's Time Square. Their gimmick is that the servers not only serve but also sing! And when I say sing, I mean SING.

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