angela gonzalez 

Long Story Short

Photographer studying The Performing Arts.

Angela specialized in photography during high school and is currently working toward a BFA in The Performing Arts: Music Theatre. She sets out to intertwine her two passions through new creative and inspiring projects. Her most valued career goal is to one day direct a movie musical. Angela is forever grateful for the support she continues to receive from her community.

Long Story long

Angela Gonzalez is an active artist and member of her community. To acknowledge her hometown and her original support system, she is known online as “Angela of York.” Those from York, Pennsylvania know Angela from her past involvement with York County Libraries, extensive work with Weary Arts Group, an accomplished high school career at York County School of Technology (YCST), recent contributions to The Parliament Arts Organization, and her “Not a Threat” photo series.


Angela was first introduced to Photography freshman year of high school at YCST. There she specialized in Communications Technology, learning the essentials of photo, video, print, and design. While working toward her certifications and adobe associates, Angela found the photography coursework to be the most exciting and engaging. After graduating from YCST, she continued expanding her photography portfolio while sharing stories, advocating, and helping others feel beautiful. Angela’s photography work has been featured on the cover of a pop culture magazine, multiple art exhibitions, and city bus stops.


Angela credits Weary Arts Group with her formal introduction to The Performing Arts. She has worked in theatre since 2017, rotating roles such as Actor, Production Assistant, Stage Manager, Costuming, and Makeup. Thanks to The Gates Scholarship, Angela was able to earn the financial support necessary to follow her passions and pursue the career of her dreams. She is working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts in The Performing Arts: Music Theatre at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). 


Moving forward, Angela will be directing her for-hire photography toward more theatre-related content such as headshots, dance action shots, and stage work. In terms of her independent projects, Angela will use photography to complement popular songs to work on skills transferable to enhancing music with cinematography. Angela’s most valued career goal is to direct a movie musical.

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