Born in New York to immigrant parents, my family quickly moved to York, Pennsylvania. There I explored many art forms extending into Video, Design, and Performance. I use photography to capture stories, advocate, and help others feel beautiful. Currently, I'm back in Manhattan, where it all began, to pursue a BFA in Performing Arts. A determined Dominican in a cramped NYC apartment like the ones before me.

My ultimate goal is to work on theatrical and cinematic adaptations, but until then, I look forward to every creative project I have the privilege to explore. My artistic capabilities will grow as I do, and I will continue to share what I am proud of.

Bonus Fact: I can do a really cool cartwheel.

Angela Gonzalez

Through Flyers, Headshots, Candids, Interviews, Virtual Festivals, Promo Vids, and much more, I've had the pleasure of working with the following teams: